Welcome potential Miss Anaheim contestants!

Applications received via mail or online by October 31st, 2014 are guaranteed an audition.
Applications received the day of audition will be accepted if time permits.

* If you are a minor (Under 18 years old) you must have a parent or guardian with you at audition.

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.MCO-1    Miss or Teen?

Miss Contestants: Young women between 17-24 years old, and at least a senior in high school.

Teen Contestants: Young women between 13-17 years old.


MCO-2    Are you eligible for our local pageant?

Each local pageant has its own geographical areas of eligibility.  Our eligibility area is the City of Anaheim, as well as the Anaheim Union High School District and any school in Anaheim, and California State University, Fullerton.

Click on MISS   or  TEEN  for more detailed information about the contestant category.

Note: There are two types of Pageants

a) Structured (Local): Contestants have to live, attend school, OR work within the given acquired pageant boundaries. Miss Anaheim, Miss Anaheim Hills, Miss Anaheim’s Outstanding Teen, and Miss Anaheim Hills’ Outstanding Teen are structured pageants. 

b) Open: Any contestant who meets the basic eligibility requirements from throughout the state of California may compete. If you do not live, work, or attend school in our eligibility area, you may want to learn more about Miss California open pageants by visiting the Miss California website.