What is a Platform?

Did you know that you will select a platform issue to support as part of competing in the Miss Anaheim Scholarship Pageant? Do you want to know more about how to select a platform issue?

What is a platform? The platform is unique to the Miss America program. Each contestant chooses an issue about which she cares deeply and that is of relevance to people across the country. We advise that you choose an issue you have been personally involved with prior to the competition, something you have been personally touched by. You will develop your platform issue into a platform statement, which is a one-page summary of the issue, what you have done, and what you plan to do to support your platform.

What makes an actionable platform? It is helpful to find an organization or charity  you can partner with to demonstrate you have actually done something to support your platform.
4.30.13-VeteransWhat are some examples of platforms? 

Platform Idea – Support our Troops / Partner with the USO, Adopt a Platoon, The American Legion, Soldiers’ Angels

Platform Idea – Health Related Causes / Partner with organizations that work with health causes you are passionate about, such as Stand Up To Cancer, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, Children’s Miracle Network, American Red Cross.

Platform Idea – Supporting Children’s Literacy / Partner with Kids Need to Read, Reading is Fundamental, Reach a Reader

Platform Idea – Educational Causes / Partner with WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), Sesame Workshop, Save the Music, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cotsen Foundation, George Lucas Foundation, Pujols Family Foundation

Platform Idea – Honoring the Elderly /  Partner with an assisted living facility, Meals on Wheels, Friends of the Elderlyimages-2

The best part about developing your platform? You’re only as limited as your imagination and work ethic can take you! We encourage our contestants to pursue work with their platforms year round to make a lasting difference throughout Anaheim and beyond. While this list includes many noteworthy organizations that you can help support with your platform, there are countless more that you may choose to work with. We suggest taking time and researching issues that are important to you in order to find the right fit for your platform.

Will you receive help in developing your platform? Absolutely! Our committee will work with you to help you develop your platform; the sky is the limit on how far you can take the work you do on behalf of your platform.

Is there anywhere I can go for more ideas? Our Miss Anaheim Pinterest account is pinned with many platform ideas. Login and see what else we have pinned. Hint: evening gowns, interview outfits, hair and make-up!