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Outstanding Teen Contestant Application

Applications are open for the 2024 season and close on November 18, 2023.

Registration Procedures 

The Miss America Organization (MAO) has implemented new procedures for candidate registrations. For now, this is what all candidates must do.

1. All candidates must first register on the Miss California Outstanding Teen registration website, and once you complete the online form, you will be routed directly to the Miss America website where you will register and pay a once-per-competition season registration fee of $35.00. This fee is retained by MAO. A candidate isn't eligible for any local competition until she registers and pays the required fees.

2. When a candidate registers and pays the $35 registration fee, the Miss California Organization then contacts the candidate with a welcome letter that includes our Local License Area chart. The letter also includes a link to a registration site where the candidate registers for a specific local competition (Miss Anaheim's Outstanding Teen and/or Miss Anaheim Hills' /Miss Canyon Hills' Outstanding Teen. and receives a waiver code to waive the $75 local competition fee.

3. The entry information is then forwarded to the specific local competition that the candidate requests. Once we receive your local competition registration, we will contact you with information on our Orientation meeting date options (on Zoom), and rehearsal (mostly on Zoom) and paperwork deadlines. 
Registrants may choose to be enrolled for access to MAO's Professional Development Series, featuring experts in social media training, public speaking, media/press training and more. They gain access to health/wellness and peak performance training, resume building, networking events, and discounts on Miss America merchandise

If you would like to talk with us before you register, please fully complete our basic contact form.

Provide your full name, full address, a valid contact email address (if you are in high school, please do not use your school email address, as it is often blocked to outside emails), and phone number.

We will contact you to let you know we've received your interest form. 

Thank you! We will contact you once we have received your contact information.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 714-273-4120 or at

Thanks! Message sent.

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