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Cameron Doan - 2018

Miss Anaheim's Outstanding Teen 2018

Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2018
Top 9 - Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2019

SOCIAL IMPACT INITIATIVE: Anti-Bullying: Be an Upstander, Not a Bystander

SCHOLASTIC/CAREER AMBITION: Obtain an M.B.A. in Business - My goal is to be a business owner, with my love for fashion, a clothing store would be amazing

TALENT: Baton Twirler / Majorette: “Come Alive” by Hugh Jackman

- Goes to elementary schools and shares her story about being bullied and teaches children how to become an up-stander versus a by-stander.
- Created and the president of the Children’s Miracle Network Club at her high school.
- “Team Member of the Year” with the Rockette’s Twirling Team 2012 – 2015;
- Gave free baton lessens to children of families who could not afford private lessons;
- Assisted younger elementary school students with homework after school.

- Have spoken to over 3,000 elementary students about bullying;
- Invited to participate in Varsity Track my sophomore year;
- Chosen Top 25 in the nationwide search for “Jovani IT Girl” (2018)
- Miss Majorette of California;
- Mater Dei High School Feature Twirler;
- Twirled at the Master Chef TV Show and Demi Lovato Tour announcement;
- Twirled for high school and college football half-time shows:
- Fire baton at Angel Stadium CIF, and USC, UCLA and SDSU college football;
- Qualified the last 7 years for University of Notre Dame Twirling Nationals.

- Transferred schools at the end of 4th grade due to being bullied;
- Loves twirling at high school and college football game half-time performances;
- Loves fashion design;
- Wants to swim with pigs in the Bahamas.

Cameron Doan - 2018
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